Thursday, December 10, 2009

I had to go to Gainesville this past weekend for a doctor's appointment. My sister and I decided to try and make it a fun sister's trip. We ended up eating at some great restaurants, one of which was the Reggae Shack Cafe. Let me just say, AWESOME!!! If you like Caribbean food and great service check it out.. it's on University Avenue. Then we went to the University of Florida's Museum and Butterfly Rain-forest... it was a little pricey to get in but it's worth it if you have time to go... unfortunately we only had 30 minutes with the butterflies before closing, but I still got some neat shots anyway. Enjoy :D

This Mammoth is 80% real!!!
This hawk was so cool.... it was just sitting there on the sign and we got pretty dang close to it.

The Owl Butterfly. Fascinating defense from it's preditors!
This is the Owl Butterfly with its wings open.

Monica was trying to kiss all the butterflies.

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